Results & Document Verification


98% employers turn down potential job applicants because of the inability of the applicants to provide substantial education verification. In India, 20% of employers require verification of educational documents provided by the employee from the concerned academy/board/authority. Only Sree Bodhi Academy offers a full fledged and rapid system of education verification, through online applications. This enable them a speedy verification of result. Direct verification by sending documents through courier/post can also be carried. Unlike other academies, Sree Bodhi Academy International verifies documents within 25 days and sends them to the concerned authority through email/courier. Anyone can apply for verification of original, copy of Academy document like Degree, Diploma, Certificate, Mark sheet, Provisional, Migration etc. Individual / Companies / Organizations / Agencies who would like to verification authenticity of the academic documents may have to follow the procedure.

Attestation of certificates

For education and employment purposes, the certificates of Sree Bodhi Academy get attestation from foreign embassies. Being a Non- UGC programme, the certificates of the SBA are not recommended for Govt appointments.

It is widely used in public sector undertakings. Moreover the MNC’s and Private sector in India and abroad are much satisfied with the official verification system.

Verification of Results