Recognition & Affiliation


• Generally every lovers of education asks the question what is the constitutionally and reliability of SBA Pondicherry or what sort of service or where admission can be obtained by students passing out from SBA. • The only clear answer to all such questions is that all educational Boards / Academies are Autonomous bodies. It is left to the discretion of Academy either to allow or refuse admission to a student from another academy. In this way every state Government is at liberty whether to provide service to a person who has passed out from a particular academy or educational board or not ? Regarding the question of recognition, SB Academy is at present one of the leading educational institutions of the country and its courses are similar to the courses offered by various academies and educational boards. The successful students of this institution are serving in Government and private organizations and gaining admission in various academies and education boards, they are achieving success in the field of livelihood. • SB Academy – Pondicherry not in receipt of any grant in – Aid either from the Government or from the UGC So far. Therefore UGC Act is not applicable to SBA. Viewed at from the fulfillment of provisions of the articles 14, 19, 21, 29, 30, 45, 46, 344, 351 of the Indian Constitution 195, SB Academy – Pondicherry is a matter of appreciation. Under the new education policy 1986, the Government of India laid particular stress on Open Academies and Distance Education. SB Academy – Pondicherry is getting necessary direction and full co-operation from educationists, professors and social workers of the country. • According to Govt. of India National Educational Policy 1986 SB Academy – Pondicherry is one of the best institutions for spreading Open and Distance Education under Open Education System. • SB Academy – Pondicherry is a mile stone for Globalization of education not only in India but also in world which will lead “Thousands and one” educational institutions in the days to come and associating with the SBA will create an identity, unique emblem of its own “The one and only one”